Woods Well Lone Grave, South Australia

Woods Well Lone Grave

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Jane Macmanamin

Jane Macmanamin was brutally murdered by Malachi Martin at Salt Creek on 4th February, 1862. Jane was found dead in a wombat hole, at the age of about 35 years, and her occupation at the time was servant. Malachi Martin was convicted of her murder and his was the 30th Execution in South Australia. He was executed at the Adelaide Gaol on 24th December, 1862 and buried there.


Jane arrived in South Australia, with her sister Margaret from Ireland aboard the Velocity in June 1855. She found work for some time at Poltaloch Station and later at Salt Creek for Malachi Martin, who was married and had 4 children.

Poltaloch Station, taken up by Neill Malcolm in 1839.

In June 1856 Martin was charged with the murder of William Robinson, but due to the lack of sufficient evidence had to be discharged. When the body of Jane was found by Police Trooper Paul Foelsche of Strathalbyn, there was enough evidence to arrest Martin. This time he was taken to the Adelaide Gaol to await his trial.

Both Inspector Alexander Tolmer and Police Commissioner Peter Egerton Warburton and well-know Dr Gosse became involved with the case. During their investigations and the hard work of several Troopers, it was discovered that Martin had been involved with other murders and the rape of Jane. After the conclusion of the trial the jury took just 55 minutes to find him guilty.


For more detailed information read the book by Peter Doolette, Murder, Mishap & Misfortune, a select history of the Coorong.

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