South Australia

South Australia

Some little known facts

Did You Know That... some of the first European visitors to South Australia were Dutchmen Pieter Nuyts and Francois Thijssen in 1627.

That South Australia was officially proclaimed on 19 February 1836 in England and not on 28 December by Governor Hindmarsh at Glenelg.

That Kangaroo Island was settled long before the official settlement of South Australia at Glenelg.

That many students are convinced that Matthew Flinders, after charting the coast of South Australia in 1802, circumcised Australia !!!!

Still the Chairman of the Colonization Commission for South Australia, Robert Torrens, said in 1835 that South Australia was washed by the waters of the Pacific.

This same Chairman was very much in favour of the establishment of South Australia. Living there he said was far preferable to rambling over the back settlements of America or mixing with Catholics in the bleak unhealthy wilds of Canada or to enduring the depraved society of New South Wales.

Torrens hoped that South Australia would become the great rice and wool growing country of the world and that its climate would make it possible to produce opium for the China trade. Last but not least he predicted that New South Wales would lose its supremacy and probably become a provincial appendage to South Australia.

That South Australia was not settled by convicts but that is was a convict, E.G. Wakefield, whose efforts finally led to the birth of South Australia.

That The Buffalo, which brought the first Governor and free settlers to South Australia, was later used to transport Canadian convicts to New South Wales and Tasmania.

That the first Lutheran College and Seminary in the Southern Hemisphere was opened at Lobethal in the Adelaide Hills in 1845.

That the money order system was first introduced in South Australia in 1859 and copied by England more than 25 years later.

That South Australia was the first to appoint an Archivist. In 1919 George Henry Pitt was appointed to that position by the South Australian Public Library Board.

Believe it or not, it is true.
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