Outalpa, Lone Grave, John Parry, South Australia

Outalpa Lone Graves

There are 13 grave sites at the back of the homestead but only one has some kind of headstone. John Parry died 4 November 1860. He was 2 years and 4 months old and was the son of Emanuel. Both pictures, taken in 1950, courtesy State Library.

Another early death was that of Harriet Ann, only daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Ann Brady. She died on 14 February 1862, aged one year and five months. Other known deaths are Henry Morgan on 9 May 1897, age 40 and James Craig, date not known but he was 50 when he died.

Life was hard and was made even more difficult by the lack of rain. When it did rain, it was often too much. On 22 October 1862 it was reported that at Outalpa Station, known as Duffield's Woolsheds, 250 miles up north. 'We have been visited the last few days with such rains as were never before witnessed in this part by any white man. We have been completely flooded, the country now is a regular bog. I am afraid it has caused some damage to the wells. Many of the sheep are dying from the effects of the wet after being shorn. We shall not be able to go on with shearing for some days, even if it holds fine. But I think the good likely to be done by the rain will compensate for the damages'.

In May 1865 Duffield's letter from Outalpa, dated May 16, stated, 'I am still sorry to say we have not had rain, though it is often threatening. I hear there has been rain at the Barrier Ranges and likewise to the north of us sufficient to start the feed. . . . To give you an idea of the state of the country, I may say that it is far worse now than before.'

This was followed a few months later by a letter from the overseer of a sheep-station on the Outalpa route, which said 'I have no good news to tell you. No rain up here yet, and no prospect of any. It is blowing hot winds today. The stock still dying; for it is impossible for them to live without feed'.

A few months later it had rained. 'Heavy rain in the North-East, flooding the country in places. Twenty-six hours' rain at Outalpa. Saltbush looking quite green.' Mr Todd has also kindly sent us the following, 'There have been heavy rains in the North-East. Mailman informs me country has been flooded, fences washed away, sheep up to their backs in water, 136 were passed on the road bogged. At Parnaroo, fencing washed away, at the Barrier Ranges, 46 hours of rain fell. Tbe salt bush generally is already looking quite refreshing.


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