Glenorchy Cemetery

Glenorchy Cemetery

Below is the only headstone of the Glenorchy Cemetery. In an attempt to save as much space as possible and increase the speed of downloading, only part of the stone is displayed. Flinders Ranges Research has a full photograph.

Glenorchy was named by Alexander Campbell after a property in Scotland where the Campbell family came from. Alexander bought 2400 acres in 1853. He built a home for his parents at Bangor and called it Glenorchy.

On 20 June 1864 Thomas Albert Wallis and Eliza Hanna were married by the Rev. Samuel Green at Glenorchy. Very few other happy events seem to have taken place at Glenorchy. Colin had died in 1856 and his wife Jane, eldest daughter of Murdoch Maclaine of Lochhuy, in 1860 at the home of her son in Melrose.

Alexander died 19 July 1866, aged 45 years. Alexander was married to Mary Ann who presented him with a daughter named Flora Isabella on 2 May 1864 at Glenorchy. A second daughter, Mary Jane was born on 27 July 1866, only eight days after Alexander's death. Barely 18 months later Mary Ann died on 18 December 1867 at the home of Mrs St George at Kensington. She was only 28 years old.

The location of the cemetery, about 5 kilometres north of Bangor, is first class. Unfortunately it is completely overgrown and only one headstone could be located. However 5 burials are known to have taken place. Alexander, Colin and Jane Campbell, a distant relative and a boy named Newton.

The inscription reads.
Colin Campbell, died 29 December 1856, aged 86.
Jane Campbell, his spouse, died 12 December 1860, aged 75.

View from the cemetery.

As late as 1889, S. Yates, manager Forest Department, Wirrabara, gave his address as Glenorchy.


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