Forster, South Australia

Forster Cemetery

Many people are known to have been buried at the Forster Cemetery, which had its 1 acre lease on section 74 granted in September 1892. That same year A Johns was appointed curator of the cemetery and tenders were called for the fencing of it. However that took some time as there was no fencing material available. In May 1919 further repairs were made by HA Rogash whose offer was accepted by the Caurnamont District Council.
Not all those buried came from Forster though. Official burial records were kept from 1906. Among those who called Forster home were;

Coon, Alice, wife of William Thomas Coon. She died on 29 May 1910, aged 68 years.
Goesch, Maria Metha, born 25 February 1899 at Forster to Heinrich August Paul Goesch and Auguste Ernestine Goesch (nee Hargwig). She died 18 February 1902, aged 2 years.
Gome, William. Died 16 October 1898, aged 56 years.
Herman, J., no further information.
Johns, Alice, died 11 July 1894, aged 5 years 10 months. Daughter of William Johns.
Lalme, Hermann Johann, died 7 July 1908, aged 30 years.
Rothe, Julius, died 21 January 1901, aged 81 years.
Sears, Elizabeth, died 15 March 1918, aged 76 years.

Observer 6 April 1918

Sears, Tom James. He died on 20 September 1918. Aged 88 years. He did have a headstone but it has disappeared somehow. His plot lease was taken out on 7 May 1919. Originally a farmer of Waterloo, he had selected sections 75 and 81, a total of 829 acres in April 1884.
Thoughali, Michael, died 1890, aged 41 years.

Among those not from Forster were;
Bissen, Edward who died 11 Aug 1908, aged 47 years. From Bolt's Landing.
Bolt, Robert Arthur Clement. Born 29 April 1903. He died 21 Mar 1906, aged 2 years 11 months. He was the son of John Robert Bolt and Elizabeth Jane Bolt (nee Johns), from Nildottie. His was the first entry in the Burial register.
Johns (nee Fowler), Mary Jane. She died on 8 Nov 1915, aged 53 years and was the wife of William. They lived at Claypans (Hd of Bandon).
Lee, John. From Bandon.
Portmann. From Copeville.
Schmaal, Anna Amelia also from Claypans.
Schmaal, Carl Heinrich Wilhelm. He died 15? March 1919, aged 59 years. Son of Johan Carl Christian and Maria Elizabeth Henricke (nee Kahl). From Claypans. The lease for his 8x8x6 ft plot was taken out on 5 May 1919.
Starrick, Unknown male. Springton.
Tyler, Lillie, died 10 Sep 1925, aged 34 years from Claypans.

Many residents of Forster are buried at Bow Hill or other cemeteries.

Below is the one and only headstone left on the Forster Cemetery.


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